Beyond Sight

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Beyond Sight is a Kalamazoo, MI-based group, consisting of (from left to right) Brian Bay (Lead Vocals), Bob Klomparens (Bass Guitar), Steven Scott (Drums/Background Vocals), Rhonda Selby Scott (Keyboards/Lead Vocals), and James R Powell III (Guitar/Vocals).

This local band heralds from Kalamazoo, Michigan and is looking to conquer the music scene with tenacity. Their goal is to tickle the eardrums of all music-lovers—and to rock the music circuit.

Beyond Sight’s diverse background makes them a unique brew with a sound that is all their own. Their separate influences range from Rock and Jazz to Progressive and Techno, but they have no fear of going beyond the established norms.

Many people assume that the band's name was derived from the fact that 2 of their members are blind. While that might be an easy assumption to make, the truth is Beyond Sight's name represents a place where their inspiration is born…in the imagination. It is a place where concepts and realities are visualized without limitation or constrained by physical sight. It is a place they want to guide their listener to, and it will make for a very interesting journey.

Eyes wide open or closed, Beyond Sight is going to pump out the jams whether you like it or not. Our bet is that you will like them…A LOT!

Beyond Sight is available for a number of venues, including weddings, private parties, corporate events, and festivals. For information on how Beyond Sight can bring it to your next event contact the band HERE

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